Độc đáo với set bao lì xì mâm cơm có 1-0-2

Unique with a red envelope set featuring a meal picture on the tray having a 1-0-2

The life of every human being always has a stop. Can’t know when will be the end of the year that "dust will have to return to dust". Dinh Dau year 2017 is over, with a lot of to scramble in the life line. And the chaos of life, it seems want to fall. Final fulcrum of 2017 is family. Where bring hope and dreams, give us more joy and happiness. Pixeland engage with you in family meal on this New Year with the bag of New Year red envelop in 2018. Brings to the family warmth and honors the traditional beauty of the Vietnamese people.

Red envelop beautiful add beauty of traditional Tet

As a child, I always look forward to the New Year. Because Lunar New Year I will have a new clothes, receive lucky money and especially not to school.

Have fun with your grandparents, parents and relatives. But now I have grown up, living away from home to work. Every day the end of the year, my heart began to feel excited. Restlessness desire to quickly reunite with the family. Gather together at the cozy rice meal. Together with relatives give each other red envelop in New Year's Eve.

After a year of hard work, to scramble in strange places, everyone just looking forward to New Year's Day spent together family. Reunite with the brothers and sisters settled far away. To sit on the side of the meal all year, giving each other warmth in the cold winter. And love transmission, lucky from red envelop of New Year Mau Tuat. Tell each other to hear about work, share about life. Talk about dreams and plans for this New Year 2018. Red envelop spread fire, transmission of heat to connect brothers and sisters. More gratitude, love and more meaning in the traditional New Year.

The days of hard work, always make money, the story of life the head make me headache and tired. Only the family is the motive force for me to next step and encourage youthful enthusiasm. The beauty of the family is preserved and protected because it is the best traditional customs.

Happy New Year meaning with a set of red envelop has picture meal on tray has a 1-0-2

"Fat meat, pickled onions, red parallel sentences

The New Year tree, strings of firecrackers, green Chung cake"

These are typical dishes for traditional Vietnamese New Year. In the New Year, my dad make Chung cake to let for nights 30, sit to look after pot cake and watch the New Year's Eve. Beside that is red envelopes in the New Year. It is one of the traditional beauty on each occasion of Tet.

Red envelop New Year have many symbolic meanings. It brings luck and fortune in this New Year to everyone. And set the markers add new age, more wise and mature than the year older. It gives meaning to different ages and classes. For grandparents wish good health and long life with descendants. With parents, we wish to have a good health, always a firm support for children.

Couples love each other, hope that next year more of warm, loyal in love. Small children learn well, obey the grandparents, parents and live the filial piety. Red envelop New Year give the best wishes and wishes to the year of 2018 many more "Phuc - Loc - Tho".

What's more interesting is that the whole family gather together, giving a meaningful new year. It is not difficult to see the red envelop in the New Year to wishing each other and wishes more meaning. Pixeland is always interested in cultural traditions and brings many unique spiritual values ​​to its customers. Let Pixeland accompany you during the Tet.

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