Các mẫu name card đẹp nâng tầm phong cách, đẳng cấp mới

The name card beautiful style to raise the level, new class

We can not deny the great role of name cards in today's life. Most business owners own a name card. This name card not only shows the personal style but also makes it easier for people to communicate with each other. The success of each person is 50% depends on the name card. The more the name card attractive, the more attractive the viewer and make them feel comfortable, comfortable with contact. And it will help you create more relationships. Right now we will introduce you to nice name card templates that are widely used and trusted by users.

1.      Nice name card templates for the company

Everyone knows that in order for a company to be more known, each company must have a unique name card that represents the most basic characteristics of its company. Usually with nice name card templates for this company we usually design two sides with the front of the company name, the company logo on the back is usually the address, some other basic contact information and attached. Accordingly, the name of the company owner on the name card will be filled in with the basic information of the company. Looking at the name card, one can also guess what the company is doing business in. The simpler the name card, the more attractive it is to attract more people and make it easier for customers to remember.

This is the name card design for the company is quite unique to many people like.

2.      Nice name card for shop

Not only companies and businesses need name cards but even small shops and shops also need name cards. The beautiful name card for shops, shops is designed more simple than the company. These name cards usually only have store names and are accompanied by the address of the store. One thing is special that the name card looks more attractive than the name card for the company. We can go through some nice card catalogs for the shop right below.

3.      Nice name card for restaurant

For restaurants or eateries, the name card is simply designed to be as easy to look as it does not have to be as fancy as other nice name card models.


As such, Pixeland has introduced you to beautiful name card models that are popular in all walks of life.

For your business, company or shop to develop more than you design your own beautiful name card. If you do not know where to design the beautiful name card please go to Pixeland. We will design you the most unique, most unique name card without touching anyone. Surely you will be surprised to see our name card models. You do not hesitate to come to Pixeland.

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