Tuyệt chiêu thiết kế logo quán ăn đẹp – ấn tượng đến từng chi tiết!

The skill of designing a beautiful restaurant logo - impressive to every detail!

You have plans to open a new restaurant and now it is time to start naming restaurants, logo design to impress, meaning that can make customers more easily remember. However, the design of the eatery logo is not the same as the design of another department. If you are not experienced in design then it is not easy. So how to design beautiful and impressive restaurant logo? Let Pixeland explore the cool way in this article offline

Why have to design a restaurant logo?

Logo is considered a brand and as well as the identity of the restaurant throughout the business journey. What if your logo does not appear on your signboard? Nowadays there are so many small restaurants and restaurants, so to help customers easily recognize and attract more customers, logo is an indispensable factor in the food business. In particular, they are a the media that is fully utilized in signage, leaflets, banners or menu appearances, uniforms and other packaging to create memorable images as well as retain customers.

Not only does the message convey the message, it also affects the customer's senses. Sometimes just to see is to imagine the attractive dishes with delicious taste in the eating atmosphere. Impressive logos will surely be an advantage in sales and contribute to enhance the value of the restaurant. At the same time, it also demonstrates professionalism and trustworthiness to customers. And that is all the reason why you have to design a beautiful restaurant logo - impressive.

The skill of designing a beautiful restaurant logo – impressive!

In fact, an effective logo design can not be constrained in the individual's likes or dislikes but it must be objective. That is the way to create sympathy and charisma, trust to customers. If you want to confirm the position of your restaurant, then pay attention to the design of this beautiful restaurant.

1. Simple, fast

Just a simple, quick, bring meaing, that is the best way to convey emotions. Logo design should not be too complicated, because it can have a negative effect, which makes the viewer take longer to remember and identify. Therefore, a nice restaurant logo also does not require knowledge of design skills too deep. The logo design software will help you get impressive eateries with just a few simple and fast.

Simple and easy to remember

2. Unique color

Typically, in the logo design specializing in cuisine will use the hot colors as the main. Or combine with neutral, lighter colors. According to research, red helps increase heart rate and blood pressure, stimulates people to eat faster. And this is a great choice to create trust for customers.

In contrast to hot colors, specifically blue. It brings more feeling thirst than hunger, and if combined with purple, it may lead the customer to the think of something harmful. And this is the point deduction in business, sales. Avoid using this color to design your eatery logo.


There should be a harmonious combination of colors

3. Easy to understand

Many places use food pictures or utensils to eat like knives, forks, etc. to make the symbol emphasized as well as create professionalism in the cuisine. In addition, instead of using the fonts available on the computer, the typeface will contribute to make it special and unique. An easy-to-see and clearly visible logo is a powerful influence on the customer's mind, or in other words, it must be the logo that the eye sees.

Easy to understand ideas

4. Outstanding, creative

not to be mistaken with other brands or competitors, your logo must be truly creative, not copied from any copyright symbol.

There is a lot of software that can help you design beautiful eateries logo easily. And you can also refer to other famous culinary logos in the world, then draw on their own experiences. Hopefully with the above article will help you have more new ideas for logo design for your restaurant. If you are looking for a professional diner design, please contact Pixeland for the fastest support.