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Leaflets advertising travel - bring you new experiences

Tourism has become one of the greatest economic potentials invested by many businesses. It is a service that satisfies the daily needs of people. The condition that it brings is not small because the annual revenue is always stable. The need for tourism always stimulates the discovery of cultural identity where you never arrived. Therefore, the design of flyers advertising tourism has always been the focus for businesses to attract domestic and foreign tourists to know.

Some samples of promotional flyers by topic

Beautiful scenic spots

Standard size to design flyers

According to design standards, the size of leaflets usually follows the following specifications:

  • A3 size paper is 20x20cm (29.7x21cm), 10x20cm or 20x60cm.
  • A4 size paper is 21 × 29.7cm.
  • A5 paper size is 15x21cm.
  • A6 size paper is 10x15cm.

For paper size A3, A4 can be 2 or 3 to 4 depending on the preferences of each business.

Paper used for printing has a thickness of 65 grams to 300 grams. Responding to each demand and transmission object that selected for a reasonable. If customers are ordinary viewers on the spot, on the streets only need to print thin paper. As for potential customers, they need to print thicker paper, creating aesthetics but also creating elegance and courtesy.

Why design leaflets advetising travel?

Designing leaflets advetising travel has probably become one of the most effective and cost effective advertising methods. Because there is only one flyer in hand, people can easily communicate with each other and team up to explore the destination.

Unique design and attracting the first look will easily win customers' hearts because it stimulate curiosity. Delivering beautiful, striking and distinctive images of the resort will inspire the customer and want to go now.

Design needs to be new and creative because that will be the brand of the company. Delivering good branding results in great value for the travel company. Raise the position of enterprises in the market of tourism business and imported abroad.

Which attractive tourist attractions that customers want to interest for the next vacation. No need to look far, leaflets advetising travel on the streets that the customer provides full of useful information for you. Businesses always update the needs of customers to align and accompany the lives of customers.

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