Nguyên tắc thiết kế mẫu tờ rơi tuyển dụng có thể bạn chưa biết

Rule design template recruiting leaflet you probably do not know

Recruiting employees or managerial positions in the company of a newly established or established enterprise is always mentioned every year. In order to find and recruit experienced and highly qualified staff, we need to promote and create attractive recruitment leaflets. It is not just for professional customers to recognize the benefits of working here and promote your brand to everyone.

1.      Standard principles in leaflet design

  • Content suggestion

The definition of the content to be provided is information about the product, its services, usage and information of the business. All are fully illustrated and logically matched to the designed flyers. List the main content to include in the design template as well as the recruitment leaflet to ensure the process of arranging pictures, effects, words ... so reasonable.

  • Layout

Layout and arrange logical layout will impress the reader and easily convey the message that the company wants to offer. The layout should be clear, scientific, and flexible in presentation of good effect to the viewer.

  • Font

For standard font, use Arial or Times New Roman. By avoiding excessive font selection, it is often best to use the most common and easy-to-read fonts. Feel comfortable reading, as viewers can only surf through 10s content and attractive content can save longer.

  • Highlights

Create uniqueness and creativity. Because of the design of leaflets or leaflets recruited, traditional design in a simple way, presenting all the information is okay. It does not focus on making an impression on the viewer. The quality of such designs has not been high, getting back is quietly lying on the table of the cafeteria or eateries and sometimes freedom on the road, sometimes rude in the trash.

2.      Design sample recruitment leaflets

For the design of the sample recruitment leaflet is the same. Companies that want to receive highly qualified, good quality should consider the design of effective flyers. Always refer to the new design present before embarking on the design to create new innovative designs.

Accompany the content, working conditions attractive and flexible for each company allowed. Gives exciting traits and motivates employees to move on to the company.

In addition, leaflet design is a way to advertise the company's brand through employee recruitment. Potential of competitive value, promoting the business is identified in the business market.

Designing a recruiting leaflet is not too difficult for businesses. Creativity in presentation and new forms to attract more experienced staff to work at the company. Bring quality work to improve efficiency and create a big development for the company.

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