Góc chia sẻ: Cấu trúc của một thiết kế Profile công ty hoàn chỉnh

Share corner: The structure of a complete company profile

Many people often ask: How is the design of the company profile is correct, structure? And of course, to prepare for the design you will have difficulty if you do not know the content requirements of a Profile. Here are some tips to help you understand what your business profile looks like.

A company profile design will have to show strengths as well as differences. Especially its own culture to prove to customers the professionalism and potential development direction. Profiles must be structured to ensure the following:

1.      Design the front page for the profile

On the cover page, the basic data indispensable is: Logo, slogan - the motto of the company. Next is the image representing the field, the business activities of the company.

2.      Pages design 2-3

Readers will generally look at the word and go into details. So, just after the cover page, this 2-3 page should have an annex covering the entire contents of the company profile. It has a history of formation, events and milestones in the process of formation and development. And indispensable is the illustrated image to become more easily impressed.

3.      Pages design 4-5

On this page, you need to provide clear and concise terms such as: Company overview, business lines, vision and mission (with images attached).

4.      Pages design. 6-7

Organization chart and more information about the management system, the key personnel (with pictures attached). If a new company can introduce the strengths of the members.

5.      Pages design 8-9

Typical projects and works have been completed: The mainstream products are presented to create more persuasive factors. Or perhaps describe the company's overall workflow to give viewers a better idea of ​​how they work.

6.      The next page

New solutions, goals, community activities to show the sustainable development strategies and want to reach out of the business.

7.      The last cover

Logos, contact information, branches or representative offices incorporate images that are consistent and symbolic of prosperity.

The above is the sharing of the structure of a complete design company profile. According to the survey, an effective profile design will have an effect of 95% to attract the attention of customers. So, businesses need to choose professional company profile design services and experience interesting things about extremely impressive templates. For any inquiries, please contact us at 0989 689 546 for more information.

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