Định dạng các kích thước banner facebook và hình ảnh thương hiệu

Format the facebook banner size and brand image

According to The Next Web, the number of faceboook users in Vietnam accounts for 3% of the total number of facebook accounts globally. In 2017, Vietnam was ranked seventh with 64 million facebook users. Therefore, many companies and enterprises have used the form of direct advertising on social networks, through facebook. But to promote effectively, the banner design facebook is always focused. Include the concern about the banner size facebook. It will drive revenue and reduce the cost of branding.

Size of facebook banner by type

  • Design image size: 1200 x 628 px

-          Ratio: 1.9: 1

-          Content: 90 characters.

When Displayed on a Computer

-          Image size: 470 x 246 px.

-          App name: 25 characters

-          Text content: 90 characters.

  • When Showing On Mobile

-          Image size: 560 x 293 px.

-          Application name: 1 line, 32 characters

-          Text content: 110 characters.

  • When Showing In The Right Side Of Facebook

-          Image Size: 254 x 133 px.

-          App name: 25 characters

-          Text content: 90 characters.

The most recommended facebook banner size on Facebook

  • The minimum image width is Pixels: 400
  • Minimum image height is Pixel: 150
  • Frame rate balance: 3%
  • Frame Rate: 9:16 to 16: 9

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Add brand image of the company

-          Some banners include images while some of them do not. If you choose to integrate visual imagery on your facebook, however, besides buttons, colors and typography, there are some things you need to know.

-          There are three main types of images you can include in your animated web banners:

A1: Stock images.

  • There are many sites from where you can buy great, professional, classic photographs. Or, you can choose from collections available on Bannersnack. However, note that good banners are not made with randomly selected images. You need something that matches the idea you want to convey.
  • This is a typical example of stock images used in this banner ad. It is quite simple but effective at the same time.

A2: Product image.


  • Here are two main categories: simple product images and product placement. Note that you need really good photos to make your point and convince your audience that your product is worthy of their attention.
  • Here is an example of a simple product image.
  • However, the product placement means more. It means interacting with people, depicting the product being used or consumed, depending on the destination.

A3: Design your own and doodle.

If you are working with an artist or, if you have your artistic skills, there is almost no limit to what you can draw to attract the viewer's attention. You can create your own branded drawings or, you can choose to express yourself and create something unique for each new facebook banner.

In design, what makes the success of each product design is its size. And the size of the facebook banner is also part of this overall layout. If not find out and choose the right size will affect quality. Will reduce the quality and reduce credibility from customers.

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