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Eyeful with the famous design brand identity

To design brand identity is not easy, requires a lot of creativity and meticulously by owning a beautiful brand identity, novel and impressive express the level, professional of the brand itself. The brand identity contributes an important part to the success of the business. To see how the investment meticulous branding, below we will introduce to you 5 sets of brand identity of world famous restaurant.

1.      Amara

This is a high-end pastry restaurant so look at the brand identity that can immediately see the sophistication of their design. With black and white main color combined with golden font to create elegant and elegant feel, proper style of this restaurant.

2.      Sandwich or Salad

Unique in the brand identity of this restaurant is the break in the color. They use a lot of color tones, but they are not distracting, as each product has a combination of simple colors. The products of the brand identity are still consistent, giving people the difference and look a little young, modern in design.


3.      Holly Burger

Holly Burge is a cafe in Spain. The brand identity is a combination of a bit of classic phase a bit of modern, in American style direction. The background is the image of banana leaves make a difference with other restaurants

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4.      Cozmo Café

This is a cafe on the yacht along the seacoast in the Liban capital. The colors are inspired by the sea blue, the elegant colors create a modern feel.

When looking at the design patterns above can be clearly seen when designing the brand identity need to show the characteristics of the brand, the designers often have simple color but always make a difference. Designs consistently in color create a strong link that helps the brand imprint in the mind of the customer. Hopefully with these suggestions, you will see the importance of a brand identity and how to have the right design ideas for your business to create success.

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