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How to create a birthday invitation card in simple English

English has recently become one of the most popular languages ​​in Vietnam. Want to make friends with foreigners, at least you should know a little English. Or when you have become acquainted with a friend come from abroad but on special days send a unique card to impress the person. Therefore, Birthday invitation card in English, or Christmas cards, wedding ... are always mentioned in most of the long-term relationship.

1.      How to write a birthday invitation card in English

Writing an invitation card in English is not difficult, as long as you understand the principles of writing birthday invitations card in English, everything will become easy. Here are the rules for writing a standard birthday invitation and luxury:

  • Heading section: means the title section. In the Heading section will be the message of the letter you want to send to the recipient. Follow the title of the card content
  • Inside address: This is the introduction, the writer's information, the date, name and address of the recipient. The author's information is displayed at the top of the card, in the middle or on the right side of the card. For writing the date, the British would write the day before the following month, and the Americans would write the month before. You should write the full thing, day, month, year to avoid misunderstandings and politeness in the way of expression. The name and address of the receiver are located on the left.
  • Body: means body. Individually presented, coherent, and clearly presented to convey all the information you need to convey. Unlike the Vietnamese often write, the first line does not translate into a bit, that will start soon. This is the main content that you will show to invite the recipient to be ready to spend their time. Therefore, please write so make it so attractive and short.
  • Complimentary close: The last part of the invitation card uses the words: Yours faithfully, Yours truly, Yours sincerely ... and enclose your signature.

Be careful not to abbreviate such as: I'll, I'am ... because it shows not polite to the reader. Or prohibit the use of too intimate words such as: kid, dad, wanna ..., good sentence sentence, will be the basis for the design of luxury and beautiful.

2.      Beautiful Invitation cards

Currently, there are many templates for birthday invitations card in English are beautiful and unique design. An impressive birthday invitations card design will receive many feedback from the guests. Because of its attractiveness especially when inviting foreign guests. Designing unique birthday invitations is also a potential cultural value, conveying local identity.

Some of the most popular birthday card designs show impressive style on every product. There may be new ideas that stimulate aesthetics and creativity in design.

Birthday Invitation card in English has become a tool for communication, improving English writing skills and creating friendliness for foreigners. Presentation birthday invitation card is very simple but need to arrange structure and content to balance. Convenient for the viewer to receive the main information. Get the right color effect to highlight your invitation card.

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